Reserving Rooms

Buckhead Center

As a reminder, floor breakout rooms can be reserved on a recurring basis during your program.

When reserving a breakout room, please include your full cohort name (e.g. EMBA 2014), the date, and start and end times the room is needed, as well as the team’s name.

Reserve a room 

Also, please allow 24 business hours for a room location confirmation. Events are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email.

See which rooms are available in the building »

You can view the room schedule for each room with door digital signage on the sixth floor at the Buckhead Center. Click on Today’s Meetings and all scheduled events for a specific room will appear. If the message appears blank, then the room is available for scheduling.

HVAC does not run outside of class time, i.e. after 6 p.m. on weekdays and at all times on weekends. In order to accommodate your team meetings outside of class time during June, July and August, you must reserve space at least 48 business hours in advance for HVAC to be scheduled. Check with your program on the maximum amount of time HVAC can be scheduled for each team meeting.