Pop-up Blocker

Internet Explorer has a built-in pop-up blocker. It appears as a yellow bar under the Web address you are looking at when a pop-up window tries to open.

pop-up blocker

When you click on the yellow bar, options on how to handle this pop-up are given:

  • Temporarily Allow Pop-ups
  • Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site…
  • Settings
  • Information Bar Help

Temporarily Allow Pop-ups is only valid for the current session and for the current Web page. Pop-up blocker resets when you go to another Web page or close Internet Explorer.

Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site sets the current Web page as an exception to the pop-up blocker.

Settings and selecting More Settings – You can view the Web pages that are set up as an exception to the pop-up blocker and other settings.

A second way to access the pop-up blocker settings in Internet Explorer is from the Tools menu. On the Tools menu select Pop-up Blocker for easy access to turn off Pop-up Blocker or get to more advanced settings to customize it.