Office 365/Outlook Quota

All GSU faculty and staff Office 365/Outlook accounts have a quota of 25 GB. Retirees and part-time instructors have the same quota.

Once the quota is in place, anyone who exceeds their quota will be able to receive new mail but will be unable to send any mail. In addition, sending an email to a large number of recipients will also increase the size of the email. RCBCTS and IS&T Help Center will provide assistance to all users who need help in managing their mailboxes.

In order to manage this space, it is important to remember these tips:

  • Delete unnecessary or unneeded email.
  • Empty your Junk E-Mail folder.
  • Empty your Deleted Items folder.
  • Move items that you want to archive to your local Personal folders or *.PST file.

In order to see your total mailbox size in Outlook, open Outlook > Click on Mailbox – Your Name. Right click and select Properties. You will then be able to see the total size of your entire mailbox, as well as the size of individual folders within Outlook.

Your Archive folder (*.PST file) is stored on your local hard drive and has a maximum capacity of 20GB.