Computing Resources

RCB Teaching Innovation Laboratory (TIL)

RCB 821 was redesigned in order to provide a place where faculty can have a place to easily experiment to determine what works in developing online courses and to learn how to incorporate flipped classroom elements into their courses. In this room, the furniture including all the computers can easily be moved into multiple seating arrangements to accommodate different uses and class formats. RCB 821 is a place where we can deliver a set of professional development opportunities and services that will assist faculty instructors in adopting more interactive and virtual forms of teaching. To reserve this space, please call ext. 7000 or visit the seventh floor in the main RCB building on 35 Broad Street.

CTS Lending Resources

  • Laptops
  • Video Projectors
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Video Camera

Lending of Laptop Computers


Learn how to obtain site-licensed software available for download 

Computer Purchases

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