Computer Support Policy

Computer Support Policy – Approved by the Executive Committee
January 24, 2000

The mission of the RCB College Technology Services (RCBCTS) unit is to assist and support faculty and staff within the college. Our staff works as a team to provide network connectivity, hardware and software support for PCs and Macs. Such support is provided for products purchased by, or whose purchase has been approved by, RCBCTS. In order to provide faculty and staff with the best possible support given resource constraints, the following set of protocols and priorities has been established.


Network operating system and network connections – working with University Information Systems & Technology (IS&T). Top priority is keeping the network functioning. Support back-up system for all college servers. Users are responsible for data stored on local hard drives.


Maintenance, repair and replacement of defective parts (with the exception of toner and ink cartridges for printers) on computers, monitors and printers.


Installation and maintenance of server-based software and specialized software installed on hard drives by RCBCTS. (Software copyright and licensing policies will be adhered to.) This support extends to ensuring that applications executed and appropriate files can be used. To allow RCBCTS to more economically provide the college community with better support for new technologies, RCBCTS will frequently revise, update and publish a list of supported software.


Laptops of the same make, model and configuration whose purchase was approved by RCBCTS and for which RCBCTS has a master image, will be supported. RCBCTS will install a master image on the laptop comprising the currently supported operating system, office suite, browser, virus protection, Outlook, and Adobe software. Should software problems occur, the hard drive will be reformatted and the master image reinstalled. It is the responsibility of the user to back-up all personal files on the hard drive. It is recommended that all laptops be purchased with a 3-year parts and labor warranty since the college does not have laptop hardware repair capability.


Back-up support for departments with full-time network administrators.
Coordination of efforts of IS&T in providing support at levels not covered by the above to include:

a. Connections to University UNIX platforms
b. Mainframe and Spectrum connectivity
c. Internet Protocol Connections

Priority of Support

Support requests will be handled in the following priority:

  1. Problems affecting the entire building
  2. Problems affecting an entire server
  3. Problems affecting an entire department
  4. Problems affecting one or two machines
  5. Server installations of software and hardware
  6. Server upgrades of software and hardware
  7. Workstation installations
  8. Workstation upgrades
  9. Installation of or upgrades of drivers to support hardware

Will Support on a Time-available Basis

  • Departmentally created servers and research workstations
  • Individually installed software and peripherals

Not Able to be Supported

  • Personally owned computer equipment or any equipment not inventoried in the college